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Engaged in research and development, production, sales and service of self-lifting platforms and work elevators, ALTEK SRL provides customers with complete professional safety solutions and efficient aerial operations. Discover the new G-32 System and its integrated technologies, choose your optionals and make it fit your needs.

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"Mastclimbers not yet the tool of choice" In any multi storey development the use of material and passenger hoists is...
December 1, 2023
We look forward to seeing you at GIS EXPO 2023
The only Italian event and the largest in Europe dedicated to users of cranes, aerial platforms, telehandlers, forklifts...
March 27, 2023
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"Self-lifting avant-garde" From the 40-year experience of designer Giuseppe Nappo and Rossano Ricciardi, a historical personality in construction lifting, Altek was born,...
March 24, 2023
Work in Progress: G32 System
Renovation of the bell tower of the Basilica Santuario Maria Ss. Consolatrice del Carpinello. The G32 system in a single-column configuration facilitates the work...
March 14, 2023
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Altek and "its" G-32, first Industry 4.0-certified self-climbing platform The idea "was inspiring and the will to realize it strong...
March 7, 2023
Work in Progress: G32 System
Platform use during seismic retrofitting work on a highway viaduct.
December 2, 2022
Bauma 2022
We look forward to seeing you at Block 1002 The global construction industry will meet again in Munich in 2022: from 4...
October 24, 2022
We look forward to seeing you at SAIE
The 2022 edition of SAIE is designed to pander to the needs of businesses and be a development accelerator for the...
August 30, 2022


G-32 system

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